Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Redoing of Web Site

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to report that my web site is being entirely redone by a very gifted webmaster. It is going to have a keener look, and will not be cluttered by chromatic inconsistencies, excessively lengthy article descriptions, and other issues. No more pop-up ads! I could not afford to pay for web space, being a veteran pauper (try being an animal ethicist when no institution in your area teaches it!). My old worry about running out of free web space on Tripod will be gone. And yes, ads altogether will be a thing of the past! How much more fitting that is for a philosophy page, where undisturbed contemplation is called for. And an anti-capitalist site, where huckster promotions become a vulgar intrusion. I cannot say how delighted I am with my friend and ally's work. I also cannot say who it is, as the person does not want the world to beat a path to his or her door requesting website assistance. But for whatever it is worth, this person has my undying gratitude.



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