Thursday, March 1, 2012

Anti-Vivisection Article Still Top-Rated

My essay, "A Living Will Clause for Supporters of Animal Experimentation," in The Journal of Applied Philosophy is still ranked #1 out of the top 20 articles in terms of article usage since my essay's publication in 2006. It is a worldwide ranking. A similar ranking was reported to me last year. This current finding was indicated to me by Dan Nielsen of, a search engine for biomedical academic articles. I'm glad that people are finding this to be useful. This is a very encouraging objective indicator, as opposed to the negativist, basically subjectivist garbage I predictably hear from Francionists. A short synopsis of the argument is provided on my website. This should also be considered an important sign that there is a very high interest in academic animal rights even as compared to the academic atrocity machine that is blandly labeled "scientific" animal experimentation.

The articles on animal experimentation and living wills are ranked as follows:

  1. A living will clause for supporters of animal experimentation.
    Sztybel D:
    J Appl Philos; 2006;23(2):173-89
  2. Ethical issue in animal experimentation].
    Parodi AL:
    Bull Acad Natl Med; 2009 Nov;193(8):1737-45; discussion 1746
  3. [Animal experimentation, computer simulation and surgical research].
    Carpentier A:
    Bull Acad Natl Med; 2009 Nov;193(8):1747-55; discussion 1755-6
  4. Is animal experimentation fundamental?
    d'Acampora AJ, Rossi LF, Ely JB, de Vasconcellos ZA:
    Acta Cir Bras; 2009 Sep-Oct;24(5):423-5
  5. [Contribution of animal experimentation to pharmacology].
    Sassard J, Hamon M, Galibert F:
    Bull Acad Natl Med; 2009 Nov;193(8):1757-65; discussion 1766
  6. Refining animal experiments: the first Brazilian regulation on animal experimentation.
    de A e Tr├ęz T:
    Altern Lab Anim; 2010 Jun;38(3):239-44
  7. Trends in animal experimentation.
    Monteiro R, Brandau R, Gomes WJ, Braile DM:
    Rev Bras Cir Cardiovasc; 2009 Dec;24(4):506-13
  8. Animal experimentation in Japan: regulatory processes and application for microbiological studies.
    Takahashi-Omoe H, Omoe K:
    Comp Immunol Microbiol Infect Dis; 2007 Jul;30(4):225-46
  9. [What can a chair on alternatives to animal experimentation effectuate?].
    Leist M:
    ALTEX; 2006;23(3):211-3
  10. [Alternatives to animal experimentation v.s. animal rights terrorism].
    Kurosawa TM:
    Yakugaku Zasshi; 2008 May;128(5):741-6
  11. Physiology, propaganda, and pound animals: medical research and animal welfare in mid-twentieth century America.
    Parascandola J:
    J Hist Med Allied Sci; 2007 Jul;62(3):277-315
  12. Alternatives to animal experimentation for hormonal compounds research.
    Penza M, Jeremic M, Montani C, Unkila M, Caimi L, Mazzoleni G, Di Lorenzo D:
    Genes Nutr; 2009 Sep;4(3):165-72
  13. Enhancing search efficiency by means of a search filter for finding all studies on animal experimentation in PubMed.
    Hooijmans CR, Tillema A, Leenaars M, Ritskes-Hoitinga M:
    Lab Anim; 2010 Jul;44(3):170-5
  14. Why do the numbers of laboratory animal procedures conducted continue to rise? An analysis of the Home Office Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals: Great Britain 2005.
    Hudson M:
    Altern Lab Anim; 2007 Mar;35(1):177-87
  15. 15. Does a living will equal a DNR? Are living wills compromising patient safety?
    Mirarchi FL:
    J Emerg Med; 2007 Oct;33(3):299-305
  16. [Developments in the area of animal experiments in biomedical research].
    Hendriksen CF:
    Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd; 2006 Dec 30;150(52):2857-62
  17. [Animal experimentation in the discovery and production of veterinary vaccines].
    Audonnet JCh, Lechenet J, Verschuere B:
    Rev Sci Tech; 2007 Aug;26(2):443-9
  18. A proposal of multiplace hyperbaric chamber for animal experimentation and veterinary use.
    Rech FV, Fagundes DJ, Hermanson R, Rivoire HC, Fagundes AL:
    Acta Cir Bras; 2008 Jul-Aug;23(4):384-90
  19. Towards ethically improved animal experimentation in the study of animal reproduction.
    Blache D, Martin GB, Maloney SK:
    Reprod Domest Anim; 2008 Jul;43 Suppl 2:8-14
  20. The regulation of animal research and the emergence of animal ethics: a conceptual history.
    Rollin BE:
    Theor Med Bioeth; 2006;27(4):285-304

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