Monday, October 18, 2010

Switching to

Over the years a few people have suggested a move of this kind, finding my homemade blog a bit awkward. I always liked having a big list of all my posts. But this software here does allow easy access, and it is a more readable presentation. Also, comments are possible, although I will moderate it. I like the given background, because it suggests an idyllic, bucolic setting like that of an animal sanctuary. That is a positive vision. This was also a good time to rethink the title of the blog, Liberationist Thoughts. I prefer On the Road to Liberation. "Liberation" is more positive than "Abolition," by the way. Francione refers to the abolition of property status. It should really be the abolition of speciesism, and indeed all interconnected forms of oppression, but I address that question in my upcoming animal rights ethics book. Liberation, however, is much more than abolishing oppression. Oppression literally derives from "pressing down" on victims of injustice. It suggests harm, including pressing down on potential. However, liberation involves more than even getting everyone to stop pressing down on others' potential. It is also a positive call to the realization of good through positive justice, which I will argue in my book involves friendship, love, and community. I hope my reflections help others on the road to liberation.


  1. Hi David,

    Good to see you here. In case you're interested, you can add up to 10 pages in Blogger in addition to the ordinary posts.

    You can also treat blog posts as pages, as I have done with the plant lists in the upper right corner on my blog, Toronto gardening all year round, which could liberate you and your readers from the aggravation of Tripod.

  2. Thank you for recommending the switch. I see what you have done using blog posts as pages. Clever, but as problematic as Tripod can be, I still prefer that format. I appreciate the advice, though. Thank you once again.