Monday, October 18, 2010

Holocaust Comparison Project Rounded Up to 50

I have added another point of comparison, bringing the number of points of comparison between the Holocaust and animal treatment up to 50.  Also embedded are comparable points in PETA exhibitions.  Do objections spring to mind?  Check out my work which addresses key concerns.

The Holocaust Comparison Project: A Photographic Essay

Peace be with you.


  1. Funny how you talk about destroying lives but never consider the horror visited upon a carrot while being masticated to death... still quite alive in your mouth.

    Life must devour life in order to survive -- will you call a lion inhumane or unnatural for hunting down a gazelle and suffocating it in order to eat, feed its pride and young, and therefore live another day? I sure as hell hope not.

  2. Thank you, Anonymous. Yes, I talk about destroying lives, but I do not consider life in itself to be intrinsically significant. I would sympathize with someone who wanted to die because life for them is just terminal pain and not much more. Sentience is what I am concerned with: both feeling good and feeling bad are a part of that. Is the carrot sentient? According to conventional science, the carrot does not care what happens to it. As for the lion, nor I do not criticize such a predator. But then, the lions need to eat meat to survive. I do not and nor do you. Also, you and I are full-fledged moral agents, or we can make decisions based on what we consider morally good and bad, right and wrong, just or unjust, virtuous or vicious. It is not clear that lions are moral agents in that sense. I defend the thesis that it is unjust for people needlessly to eat sentient animals. However, just because lions are not moral agents, does not mean that they are not moral recipients: those who are on the receiving end of moral actions, and can be benefited and harmed by them. You and the lion are both moral recipients. That is why my philosophy of best caring, outlined in published articles, remains self-consistent and compelling to me, in spite of these two very common objections that you have voiced.