Friday, August 13, 2010

More Advance Praise for Universal Animal Rights: from Dr. Stephen Kaufman

"Universal Animal Rights is an important book that, I hope, will get the attention and respect it deserves. Previous attempts to defend animal rights have been far more powerful than arguments against animal rights, but Szytbel demonstrates that animal rights theories have had holes that left defenders open to philosophical attack. His “best caring ethic,” though perhaps not the final word in animal rights theory, is a major advance. Those of us whose fundamental notions of right and wrong tell us that harming innocent creatures is wrong will be grateful to Szytbel for providing a compelling rational ethic that can speak to people who do not share our intuitions or basic values."

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

Chair, Christian Vegetarian Association

Author: Guided by the Faith of Christ: Seeking to Stop Violence and Scapegoating and Good News for All Creation: Vegetarianism as Christian Stewardship

Assistant professor, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Dept. of Ophthalmology

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