Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Chart to Help Clarify Fundamentalism versus Pragmatism

Tables are often very useful learning tools that can map out a lot of complex information in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand. My article, “Animal Rights Law,” and many previous blog entries, discuss the fundamentalism versus pragmatism debate, which centres on the question of whether ‘welfarist’ suffering-reduction laws are acceptable from an animal rights perspective. Some people might have trouble seeing how animal rights pragmatism has an overall justification in the context of my theory of seeking what is best for animals. The following chart accounts for this idea and also explains the false ethical appeal of fundamentalist approaches. This is only a tool however and is not a substitute for an accounting of all of the complexities involved, which really requires a book I’d like to write. However, clarifying some of the overall ideas will help to provide a schema that lets all of the details better fall into place.


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Sztybel, David. "Animal Rights Law: Fundamentalism versus Pragmatism". Journal for Critical Animal Studies 5 (1) (2007): 1-37.

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