Sunday, July 8, 2012

Contributions to Scholarship

Many of my supporters wish to see my work get out there. (Many new and improved arguments wait in the wings though.) Anyway, such individuals will be pleased to know that my animal law approach is contributing to scholarship. A few people wrote to me this week along these lines. I will keep their identities concealed because I do not wish them to be targets of anonymous harassing e-mails such as I have received from Francionists. A British lawyer who wishes to do a doctorate sent me a paper she wrote which is very erudite, reflecting a huge array of sources in animal law, and she nevertheless settles on my essential argument as a basis for anti-cruelty legislation. A man is doing a graduate dissertation in California analyzing Francione's "abolitionist approach" and indicates that he is using my work to reply to many of the ideas in question. Delighted to learn of such developments, and I believe I have much more useful material still to contribute in the future.

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