Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Animal Rights Videos

In my recently added menu of audiovisual items, I have added a separate menu entitled, "Exposing the True Face of Animal Exploitation." It contains a handy list of links to videos on animals raised for food, fishing, animal experimentation, dissection, fur, hunting, leather, wool, circuses, rodeos, marine mammal acts, and zoos. I think this is helpful since PETA's own video site, on which my own list here is largely based, is somewhat labyrinthine and has so many options that this simplified list may be of some use to people who are new to animal rights. That is no criticism of PETA. It is a gift to the world that they offer so many videos, and their PETA TV format is surely inspired as a means of connecting with ordinary folk. However, the simple list format has advantages too. As I note on the web page, anyone supporting any of these practices should really see these videos. Any discomfort viewing these films is endlessly outweighed by the gross sufferiing that the animals routinely endure.

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