Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Site Name, Mission Statement, and Balluch Update

I would like to announce a renaming of my website: Liberation Unlimited. Rather than say why I do so here (and I will not reproduce the clunky old name I used before, now become gaseous and becoming one with the fine ether of cybervoid), I refer interested readers to the Mission Statement put in place right below the new name at the top of the Home page.

Martin Balluch is being artificially fed so that he does not die of starvation from his hunger strike. Regardless of whether one approves of his decision, people should defend the dignity of human beings in general and one the greatest animal rights activists in particular. As well, there is a question of who to believe, Balluch and his colleagues or the Austrian authorities. However, I have a lot of faith in people who brought about world-leading animal legislation. I have less faith when I hear about people who profess non-violence being taken at gunpoint in the middle of the night, being deprived of legal counsel, given minimal visitation privileges as though they are guilty, rather than presumed innocent until proven guilty. Far from proof, there are concerns that various animal liberation criminal offences have not at all been evidentially linked to the activists now in custody. Concerns over the legality and decency of Austria's actions have prompted Amnesty International as well as the Greens and Social Democrats to make some very serious statements and to ask some very pointed questions. See the website of the Association Against Animal Factories for more detailed updates:


Also, for those who fear they do not have much time for letter-writing, the site features instant letters that you can send off to appropriate government officials.

Please seriously consider joining the campaign to free these abused prisoners!

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