Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lucy the Elephant Gets Recognition of Sentiency from Alberta Court

Canadian animal rights lawyer, Lesli Bisgould got a terrific opinion piece published in a premier, Canadian national newspaper, The Globe and Mail. Read it HERE.

Lucy has been alone and suffering since 2007 in Edmonton, Alberta, or for some five years now. Those advocating for her to be transferred to a sanctuary in California were dismissed by the Alberta courts. However, a dissenting judge wrote a wonderful opinion, comparatively speaking. Chief Justice Catherine Fraser stressed that it is important for people to advocate the enforcement of laws, as were Lucy's representative animal advocates (PETA and Zoocheck Canada and their famous lawyer, Clayton Ruby). As Lesli reports:

After reviewing the uncontroverted evidence of several experts, Chief Justice Fraser concluded that the evidence 'packs a powerful punch. It holds up a mirror for all to see – provided one is prepared to look into the mirror. What it reveals is a disturbing image of the magnitude, gravity and persistence of Lucy’s ongoing health problems and the severity of the suffering she continues to endure from the conditions in which she has been confined. And it also exposes who is responsible for those conditions and that suffering.'

I salute Lesli, these animal advocates, and Chief Justice Fraser for their progressive moves here. By contrast, those who would champion Lucy's neglect, almost thoughtlessly shaking their heads at single-issue campaigns and anti-cruelty work, I can only regard that as unwitting pro-cruelty movement. Many grades of differences need to be made in this world before we have anything resembling what is fully satisfactory. I hope Lucy's suffering will eventually transmute under much kinder treatment.

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