Friday, March 20, 2009

Blog Reformat

Sometimes when people read a blog, they want to start with the latest entry. That is the traditional format, and is suitable for more or less regular readers. However, sometimes readers are new to the blog. Especially when items are entered in a series, it makes more sense for such individuals perhaps to read from earliest to latest. Therefore, at my blogsite, I now offer a choice of reading the entries from latest down to earliest, as before, but also from earliest through to the most recent. This should serve to make my blog more user-friendly.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update Regarding Great Apes Activism

At Brock University in a fourth-year seminar course on animals and the law, we extensively discuss great apes advocacy. On June 10, 2008 I made a blog entry defending such advocacy against Francione's attack on the Great Ape Project, which he used to support but no longer does. Rethinking these issues has occasioned me to revise the earlier entry in that I more clearly outline that the pragmatist approach has four major advantages over Francione's negativist proposal, and shares the advantage that his enjoys of utterly criticizing speciesist arguments that beings should have rights because they have human-like cognitive characteristics.


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