Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I am pleased to note that I have a new guide to animal activism available freely on this website. I devised it in response to a problem I have had teaching Brock University students in Critical Animal Studies courses. I would show them PETA documentaries on how animals are used and abused in society, and they would be ashen-faced, looking helpless and horrified. Hence the guide on things they can actually do, taking a cue from Joan Baez that "Action is the antidote to despair." The Guide is also available for activists


And of course for my Brock pupils, or indeed other Critical Animal Studies students:


See the first web-reference for a list of the guide's many features. One of the things that makes the guide distinctive is its treatment of activism towards the self, e.g., in dealing with feelings of apathy, guilt, rage, and despair, and also tips on how to be diplomatic, and how to deal with unsupportive people. The overall message of the booklet is one of EMPOWERMENT, and how to think in ways that empower ourselves as ambassadors for the animals!