Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ontario Human Rights Commission Paper Update

I am pleased to announce that although I was concerned I would not be able to get across many of my points about vegan creeds in the short presentation-time that everyone is allotted, that concern has effectively evaporated. I was just yesterday asked, by a senior organizer at the Commission, for permission to distribute copies of my paper to participants in the policy conference on creed and human rights which I blogged about a couple of articles ago. That would allow for a much-enhanced chance to get across my pro-vegan/animal rights message to participants, who include, I imagine, policy-makers such as judges, jurists, lawyers, and politicians. Actually, my paper will be of no less interest to some Buddhists and other more philosophical creed-holders, although I myself am not a Buddhist. I am very thankful for this opportunity. I have yet to become acquainted with any of the organizers, and look forward to that experience.

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