Saturday, December 3, 2011

Second Appearance on AR Zone

This time I appeared in a podcast chat along with Carolyn Bailey, Roger Yates, and Tim Gier. What I said about Roger from last time still stands, but I am delighted to note that he was a perfect gentleman and a scholar this time round. It was a great pleasure to explore issues with this thoughtful, passionate, and dedicated group of people. You can hear about why I am trying to establish an ethic that goes beyond intuitions, how I became vegan, my long-standing interest since 1986 in non-violence and Jainism, what I envision for the future concerning animals and their standing in society, and more. Tim Gier also got me going on a tangent about the theory of knowledge that you may or may not be interested in!

A heartfelt THANK YOU to the wonderful folks at the Zone who do such a great job. You can check out transcripts of interviews and other podcasts on their site--highly recommended! You might also find free opportunities to get in on the action. It has tremendous interactive potential!

You can access AR Zone and my podcast by clicking HERE


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