Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Abridged Version of "Veganism vs. Violence"

This essay has already proven to be a choice instrument for people who want to persuade thoughtful individuals about the vegan imperative. Now a shortened version is offered that is condensed in parts, for people who do not want quite so much detail, and the moral theory components are omitted. Instead there is only the common-sense ethics of veganism vs. omnivorism.

Omnivorisim is a term that people are finding useful as well.

Most people praise the fact that my website has both General Audience and Academic Audience materials. One person complained though that it is somehow "condescending." I suppose if one goes through school and one only sees one's own work, more or less, it is easy to assume that all students have roughly equal ability, only some try harder than others, or some such myth. Educators such as myself, who have educated kindergarteners through to adults in graduate school, are well aware that ability and interest varies. Certain people will read a simplified version who will likely not read a long and more academic piece. That is the reality. So the only pragmatic thing to do is to address different works to different audiences.

May you find this to be useful...enjoy!

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