Monday, June 16, 2008

One of Greatest Animal Rights Pragmatists' Life in Danger: An Appeal for the Release of Dr. Martin Balluch

One of the animal rights activists I admire is in deadly danger. He is on hunger strike in an Austrian prison, arrested on charges without specific evidence. He was gotten naked out of bed at gunpoint and thrown into prison, and has gone on hunger strike. His group was responsible for getting a joint news conference of ALL the animal protection groups in Austria and got a ban on battery cages for hens, animal circuses, fur farms, rabbit cage-farming, and vivisection on chimps. This is the most animal protection won legally in the world. For details and who to write to see:


Next I will write about how Francione has slammed Martin Balluch, who is one of the greatest animal activists the world has ever seen. This was before Dr. Balluch was arrested. Incidentally, Dr. Balluch was just about to launch a campaign for constitutional rights for chimpanzees, a project Francione has attacked when he tried to negate the Great Ape Project; as well, as I noted in "Animal Rights Law," Francione has mysteriously rejected constitutional rights for animals.

Please write to support and help save the life of one of our best activists!

P.S. Of course, it would be worth writing to save ANY activist, but Dr. Balluch deserves to be praised for the powerhouse that he is and is in danger due to his hunger strike.

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