Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Year for Saying "No" and a Brighter Future

I have had a challenging year. As readers may have noted, I have had my writing time radically reduced. As a result, I was not so free to blog. But the impact went way beyond that. I have had to turn down several invitations:
  1. an invited presentation to lawyers and others through the Ontario Bar Association on anti-cruelty legislation
  2. accompanying a few post-docs from Queen's University who invited me to come do a panel with them at the American Philosophical Association
  3. participating again in a Toronto lecture series known as the Animal Rights Academy, which I co-founded and named
  4. an invited book review for the journal, Society and Animals
  5. an invitation to be one of the main speakers at a conference at the University of Birmingham, England, on animal ethics and constructive ways forward
  6. On a related note, BBC Radio 4 contacted me to participate in a show, Agree to Disagree, in which case I would represent the anti-vivisectionist position (not that there is only one). The show is sophisticated and likes guests to explore areas of agreement as well as dissent. I actually wanted to do this, but they were wondering if I would be in London, England. It was not possible to do an audio only guest appearance. So time shortage did not dictate this lost opportunity. Just a lack of breezing through London! It was a special honour being asked to represent anti-vivisection, essentially, in the country where the movement was first started and sustained in earnest.
There may have been other things I had to nix.

However, I am pleased to report that there is a great change for the better, due to help from someone close to me who cares about the animals quite as much as I do. I am able once again to have significant time to write, and this help will be operative long-term indefinitely and in a secure manner. I cannot be grateful enough to this person. However, my lack of time to write has taught me more than ever about focusing. In short, I will not be blogging nearly as much as earlier. But I will be writing.